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Kemoizo Ltd is the first and only manufacturer in the world of mobile pallet stops, devices that prevent against accidental dislodging of pallets stocked on racking beams and shelves. As pioneers in this arena, we are proud to present patent-pending pallet stop and guide attachments that make a warehouse safer and more efficient place.

This inexpensive yet very effective solution keeps palletized stock safe while it is stored on racking beams and shelves. Attachments create a retractable barrier, which interacts with racking to protect pallets against accidental dislodging off racking beams and shelves. Retractable barrier blocks pallets while they are stocked on racking and automatically retracts when the pallet is lowered on the floor surface, thereby allowing to handle your pallet as usual.

These attachments not only protect pallets but also guide fork lift truck driver when locating pallets on racking systems. Locating pallets with pallet stops attachments is easy even for non experienced fork lift truck drivers and thus the positioning time is limited to a minimum. Another advantage is that the pallets are aligned with the racking, so the racking load is distributed evenly with these attachments.

As pallets are protected on racking, the risk of pallets falling on the floor is minimized. These pallet stops save money and avoid time-consuming procedures. Pallet stop and guide attachments prevent incidents, accidents and the costs involved.
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